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NOTE: Updates to this page are made manually by Paruda whenever he finds a problem that affects players' ability to connect to Stick in the MUD. Times mentioned are North American Central time. If you are having trouble connecting to Stick in the MUD and the entries here don't indicate a problem, you might want to send Paruda a quick e-mail message via the address on his page.

Currently: Stick in the MUD was last seen up and running. On June 23rd the MUD was moved to a new server. Last reboot was June 23, 2009. Last server outage was April 20, 2009. Last crash of the MUD software was October 11th, 2008.

October 2008: Stick in the MUD actually crashed on October 11th, 2008, over

5 years

since the previous crash on December 11th, 2002... yeesh — that does seem like a long time ago, and it does UNSPEAKABLE things to the old record of 188 days. Hmmm, there ought to be a good essay buried in that last crash.

May 2008: On May 3rd the MUD was moved to a new server. The previous server had been exhibiting hardware problems and was deemed to be in need of replacement.

December 2006: The DNS for the domain experienced problems for two days, meaning that and could not be translated to IP addresses.

December 2005: On December 28th the MUD server became sufficiently borked that in its advancing age, it was deemed not worth rebuilding. We moved to a new server.

December 2005: On December 12th the MUD server was rebooted for as yet unspecified reasons. Total downtime about 4.5 hours. Hmmm.

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