Adam Borg, B.A.Sc.
16 Westwater Dr.
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1W 2G3
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Sept. 1991-June 1996 B.A.Sc.
Toronto, Ontario
Graduated from the University of Toronto. My undergraduate thesis involved the implementation of a direct numerical control (DNC) system for a FANUC CNC milling machine and the SDRC I-DEAS software package.
Sept. 1986-June 1991
Scarborough, Ontario
Project Experience
Direct Numerical Control (DNC) of CNC Machine: As my undergraduate thesis, I developed a direct numerical control interface of a (computer numerically controlled) milling machine. The purpose of the project was to make complex surfacing possible using the existing facilities. In the end, a user of the I-DEAS software package will be able to machine complex surfaces directly from the terminal using direct numerical control.
Travel Clinic Invoice Program: It was necessary to automate and streamline the St.Michael's Hospital Travel Clinic vaccination accounting methods. To accomplish this, I developed several Visual Basic programs. The programs were a front end for excel spreadsheets. The two main programs were the Invoice Program and the End of Day Program. These programs went into use April 1st., 1997.
Integration of Robot/CNC Machines: As a third-year university project I was required to write programs to produce a specified part using existing machines. The part feeder, robot, CNC lathe, CNC mill, computer and part receptacle were provided. The programs were written to interact and respond to each of the system's signals. My programs were of exceptional quality.
Computer Skills
Operating Systems: OS/2, UNIX, MS-DOS, Novell Netware and MS-Windows family.
Programming Languages: ANSI C/C++ and assembly experience. Other languages include Visual/VisualAge BASIC, REXX, FORTRAN-77, Pascal, Java and JavaScript.
CNC Languages/Formats: G-codes, D&M mill software.
Applications: SDRC I-DEAS, MS-Office, SPSS and others.
Aug. 1997-Present
Toronto, Ontario
As a Staff Software Developer in the Application Development Technology Centre, my duties primarily deal with testing IBM's C and C++ compilers. In addition to writing new testcases and investigating failures, I also contribute to new ways of improving our automated testing processes.
Oct. 1995-Jul. 1997
Toronto, Ontario
The position of Project Leader-Computerization, Community Outreach has three main aspects: software education and support, systems planning and implementation, and research assistance for the graduating residents. A strong knowledge of research techniques, computing and interpersonal communications are keys to this position.
May 1993-Sept. 1995
Markham, Ontario
Employed through Home Computing, a division of the IBM PC Company. Duties at the IBM Warehouse Outlet included technical support, hardware installation, product testing, customer service and sales. As of May 1995, my role changed to that of Technician/Service Manager at the Aetna Tower Home Computing store.
June 1992- Sept. 1992
North York, Ontario
Employed through summer student program. Duties included assembly, hardware maintenance, subassembly testing, and part testing.
Feb. 1991- Sept. 1991
Toronto, Ontario
As a high school co-op student under Dr. A.E. Litherland, I assisted in the general operation of the laboratory. My duties included data collection, trend analysis, liquid nitrogen handling, and radiation in air experiments.
Special Skills
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Hobbyist level of electronic and radio experience
Extracurricular Activities
Interests include music, history, skiing, reading, poetry, and computer programming
Elected to the position of Secretary-Treasurer on the Devonshire North House Residence Executive Council for the 1994/1995 academic year
Elected to the position of Tri-House Representative on the Devonshire North House Residence Council for the 1995/96 academic year
Elected to the position of Chairman of the Devonshire Residence council for the 1995/1996 academic year
Implementor of a Multiple User Domain (MUD) on the Internet
Team-OS/2 Member and Volunteer
Phil Chen, M.B.A., P.Eng.
Investment Analyst
Sun Life of Canada
Russ Stingi
Home Computing (Yonge & Eglinton)
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