Stick in the MUD: 9000


Stick in the MUD has always been defined more by the character of its players than by its MUD features. Memorable players tend to establish their names early on, as mortal players, and because of the cooperative spirit of mudding, whole groups of players can set the tone for an era of mudding. Our MUD has gone through several of these eras, and here are some of the names that defined those eras (some players certainly overlapped eras, but we'll just list them once, okay?). =)

Most players listed here have spent considerable time on Stick in the MUD in the immortal ranks, although over time we plan to include more long-time mortal players. Paruda, our chief statistician, is looking into ways to automate the generation of these lists as the number of past and present players has overwhelmed his brain. He apologizes in advance for the inevitable gaping holes people will find in these lists.

If you think you've been put in an era that doesn't reflect the time your addiction really took hold on Stick in the MUD, send a mud note to Paruda letting him know where you think you belong. He can check these things.

As of December 2003 our log files had recorded over one million connections to Stick in the MUD by over 26,000 players. Over 175 players have logged in over 1000 times. That's a lot of addicts!


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