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Children's Book List 02 May 2010 [text version]

Violet's House — Julie Aigner-Clark0-7868-1872-7

Once There Was a Seed — Judith Anderson0-7641-4493-6

Hi! Fly Guy — Tedd Arnold0-439-63903-4

Shoo, Fly Guy! — Tedd Arnold0-439-63905-0

Super Fly Guy — Tedd Arnold0-439-63904-2

Gordon's New View — Rev. W. Awdry0-375-83978-X

It's Great To Be an Engine — Rev. W. Awdry0-7853-9950-X

Thomas Goes Fishing — Rev. W. Awdry0-375-83118-5

Snoopy: Flying Ace to the Rescue — Darice Bailer0-689-85148-0

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs — Judi Barrett0-689-70749-5

Laura's Secret — Klaus Baumgart1-58925-031-1

A to Z — Sandra Boynton0-671-49317-5

But Not the Hippopotamus — Sandra Boynton0-671-44904-4

Blue Hat, Green Hat — Sandra Boynton0-671-49320-5

Doggies — Sandra Boynton0-671-49318-3

The Going To Bed Book — Sandra Boynton0-671-44902-8

Hey! Wake Up! — Sandra Boynton0-7611-1976-0

Hippos Go Berserk! — Sandra Boynton0-689-83434-9

Horns To Toes and In Between — Sandra Boynton0-671-49319-1

Moo, Baa, La La La! — Sandra Boynton0-671-44901-X

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! — Sandra Boynton1-56305-441-8

One, Two, Three! — Sandra Boynton1-56305-444-2

Opposites — Sandra Boynton0-671-44903-6

Snoozers — Sandra Boynton0-689-81774-6

Gingerbread Baby — Jan Brett0-399-24166-3

The Hat — Jan Brett0-399-23461-6

The Mitten — Jan Brett0-399-23109-9

The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear — David Bruins1-55453-486-0

I'm Going To Be the Best Astronaut Ever! — Moira Butterfield1-4075170-5-8à/dp/1407517058

I'm Going To Be the Best Superhero Ever! — Moira Butterfield1-407-51585-3à/dp/1407515853

Stellaluna — Janell Cannon0-15-206287-4

Tell Time with The Very Busy Spider — Eric Carle0-448-44419-4

The Elves and the Shoemaker — John Cech1-4027-3067-5

Maisy's Pirate Treasure Hunt — Lucy Cousins0-7636-2469-1

The Enormous Crocodile — Roald Dahl0-590-01869-8

The Gruffalo — Julia Donaldson0-333-71093-7

The Gruffalo's Child — Julia Donaldson1-4050-2046-6

Are You My Mother? — P.D. Eastman0-375-81599-6

Are You My Mother? — P.D. Eastman0-679-89047-5

Alphabeasts — Wallace Edwards1-55337-386-3

Tails — Matthew Van Fleet0-15-216773-0

Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings — Matthew Van Fleet0-8037-1759-8

Let George Do It! — George Foreman0-689-87807-9

On the Day You Were Born — Debra Frasier0-15-205944-X

A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever — Maria Frazee0-15-206020-0

Good Night, Poppy and Max — Lindsey Gardiner0-316-60122-5

Swimming with Dolphins — Laurence Gillot1-60115-216-7

A Very Marley Christmas — John Grogan0-06-137292-7

Snoring Beauty — Bruce Hale0-15-216314-X

Diary of a Dinosaur Trek — Nicholas Harris0-7641-6206-3

Houndsley and Catina Plink and Plunk — James Howe0-7636-3385-2

The Incredible Book Eating Boy — Oliver Jeffers0-00-718231-7

Franklin's Library Book — Sharon Jennings1-55337-713-3

My Dog — Angela Joy1-58925-759-6

How Animals Defend Themselves — Etta Kaner1-55337-905-5

Don't Say That Word! — Alan Katz0-689-86971-1

The Cat's Meow — Warren Kimble0-8027-8078-4

Walter the Farting Dog — William Kotzwinkle1-58394-053-7

How To Behave and Why — Munro Leaf0-7893-0684-0

Alligator Pie — Dennis Lee1-55263-674-7

Easter Fun — Emma Less1-4027-2256-7

The Frogs and Toads All Sang — Arnold Lobel0-06-180022-8

Put Me in the Zoo — Robert Lopshire0-375-81215-6

Judy Moody & Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt — Megan McDonald0-7636-4351-3

About Dinosaurs — Sindy McKay1-891327-54-2

A Promise Is A Promise — Robert Munsch1-55037-008-1

Aaron's Hair — Robert Munsch0-439-98716-4

Alligator Baby — Robert Munsch0-590-12387-4

Andrew's Loose Tooth — Robert Munsch0-590-12435-8

The Boy In The Drawer — Robert Munsch0-920236-36-7

Down the Drain! — Robert Munsch0-545-98600-1

Get Out Of Bed! — Robert Munsch0-590-12473-0

I Have to Go! — Robert Munsch0-920303-74-9

I'm So Embarrassed! — Robert Munsch0-439-95239-5

Jonathan Cleaned Up — Robert Munsch0-920236-20-0

Makeup Mess — Robert Munsch0-439-98896-9

Millicent and the Wind — Robert Munsch0-920236-93-6

Mmm, Cookies! — Robert Munsch0-590-51694-9

More Pies! — Robert Munsch0-7791-1363-2

Pigs — Robert Munsch1-55037-038-3

Playhouse — Robert Munsch0-439-98959-0

Ribbon Rescue — Robert Munsch0-590-03871-3

The Sandcastle Contest — Robert Munsch0-439-95590-4

Smelly Socks — Robert Munsch0-439-96707-4

Something Good — Robert Munsch1-55037-100-2

Up, Up, Down — Robert Munsch0-439-98815-2

We Share Everything! — Robert Munsch0-590-51450-4

Zoom! — Robert Munsch0-7791-1432-9

Jack and the Beanstalk — E. Nesbit0-7636-2124-2

My Very First Mother Goose — Iona Opie1-56402-620-5

The Snowy Day — Liane Payne1-55168-317-2

Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb — Al Perkins0-679-89048-3

Wheels on the Bus — Raffi0-517-70998-8

What Really Happened to Humpty? — Jeanie Franz Ransom1-58089-109-8

Read Me A Book — Barbara Reid0-7791-1361-6

The Subway Mouse — Barbara Reid0-439-95223-9

Frankenstein Takes The Cake — Adam Rex0-15-206235-1

Curious George's 1 to 10 and Back Again — H.A. Rey0-618-12074-2

Spoon — Amy Krouse Rosenthal1-4231-0685-7

The OK Book — Amy Krouse Rosenthal0-06-115255-2

Planet Earth Deep Ocean Creatures — Lisa L. Ryan-Herndon0-545-11208-7

Alligator Boy — Cynthia Rylant0-15-206092-8

First Snow in the Woods — Carl R. Sams II0-9770108-6-4

Winter Friends — Carl R. Sams II0-9671748-5-6

Baby Snoopy Santa — Charles M. Schulz0-689-87768-4

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy — Charles M. Schulz1-933662-07-7

Snoopy & Charlie Brown — Charles M. Schulz1-4169-1009-3

Where the Wild Things Are — Maurice Sendak0-06-025492-0

Dr. Seuss's ABC — Dr. Seuss0-679-88281-2

The Foot Book — Dr. Seuss0-679-88280-4

Green Eggs & Ham — Dr. Seuss0-545-00285-0

In A People House — Dr. Seuss0-394-82395-8

Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? — Dr. Seuss0-679-88282-0

Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? — Dr. Seuss0-394-90622-5

Ten Apples Up On Top! — Dr. Seuss0-679-89247-8

There's a Wocket in My Pocket! — Dr. Seuss0-679-88283-9

A Giraffe and a Half — Shel Silverstein0-590-47164-3

The Missing Piece — Shel Silverstein0-590-25761-7

Where the Sidewalk Ends — Shel Silverstein0-590-13469-8

Pete's a Pizza — William Steig0-06-052754-4

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble — William Steig0-671-66269-4

Debra the Zebra — Sally Symes1-552-67695-1

Me Hungry — Jeremy Tankard0-7636-3360-7

Predators of North America — Dave Taylor1-55046-520-1

If My Dad Were A Dog — Annabel Tellis0-439-91387-X

Who Stole My House? — Barbara Veit0-7358-2122-4

Feet Are Not For Kicking — Elizabeth Verdick1-57542-158-5

Mr. Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo — Kevin Waldron1-84011-898-9

Scaredy Squirrel — Melanie Watt1-55337-959-4

Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach — Melanie Watt1-55453-225-6

Nate The Great — Marjorie Weinman Sharmat0-440-46126-X

Max and Ruby's Snowy Day — Rosemary Wells0-448-43567-5

Ruby's Rainy Day — Rosemary Wells0-448-43184-X

Jack and Jill and Big Dog Bill — Martha Weston0-375-81248-2

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! — Mo Willems0-7868-1988-X

My Friend Is Sad — Mo Willems1-4231-0297-5

Today I Will Fly! — Mo Willems1-4231-0295-9

In the City — Tony Wolf0-7624-2030-8

George and the Dragon — Chris Wormell0-224-07069-X

Jake Stays Awake — Michael Wright0-312-36797-X

Ned Mouse Breaks Away — Tim Wynne-Jones0-88899-594-6

The Real Mother Goose Board Book — Blanche Fisher Wright0-590-00368-2

What Can Simon Be? — Gene Yates1-58865-366-8

How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends? — Jane Yolen0-439-85654-X

My Little Book of Farm Animals — Brimax1-904952-67-4

My Toys — Creations for Children International1-895464-97-8

My Animals — Creations for Children International1-895464-97-8

My Cars — Creations for Children International1-895464-97-8

Pooh Blocks — Disney0-7364-2306-0

Stitch The Movie — Disney1-57973-213-5

Toy Story 2 — Disney1-57973-212-7

Fisher-Price Picture Dictionary — Fisher Price1-56144-445-6

Fisher-Price Word Book — Fisher Price1-56144-931-8

My First Canadian 123 — Scholastic0-7791-1424-8

My First Canadian ABC — Scholastic0-7791-1425-6

My First Canadian Animals — Scholastic0-439-97403-8

My First Canadian Opposites — Scholastic0-439-96718-X

My First Canadian Words — Scholastic0-439-97411-9

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